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Governance Committee

 AJTP is a volunteer-run non–profit organization. A Governance Committee oversees the operations of the AJTP. The AJTP President chairs the 17 volunteer member GC. The GC represents subject matter and governance experts from places where Justice, Treatment and Community intersect and non-profit institutional development and sustainability experts. All provinces and territories have a seat at the table.

Ancillary Committees

 The Professional Development Secretariat (PDS); Topic-specific Communities of Practice (CP); Provincial and Territorial Advisory Committees (PTAC); International Association of Treatment Court Professionals (IATCP); members and volunteers support the GC’s decision-making, policy coordination and engagement of members and volunteers.

Leadership Groups

There is a Leadership Group for each of these Committees. Leadership group consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and members-at-large. The Chairpersons of the CPs, PTACs, PACs, and IATCP are members of the GC. Members of each Leadership Group are elected by members of the Committee. Each member serves a two-year term, and membership terms are staggered. This ensures that only half of a Committee changes each year. Every member who is not the AJTP founding President does not serve two consecutive terms.